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Anytime Shopping has created a niche for itself and has gained popularity among small and medium manufacturers by making online selling and shopping hassle-free and affordable. Especially in India, there are so many small and medium companies that have good quality products but are unable to sell their products to potential customers because of a lack of access to technology. We aspire to build an environment where anybody can sell their products with minimum investment which allows merchants to choose from any of their products and sell them to customers using our marketplace.

Now you can easily launch your own online business comfortably without investing a lot of money. Online shopping has developed significantly over the last decade, and e-commerce companies now generate billions of dollars in monthly sales all across the globe. Indian e-commerce is projected to grow from 4% to 8% in the food, grocery, apparel and consumer electronics sectors and by 36% for personal care, beauty and wellness products. In India, e-commerce recorded approximately Rs. 58,000 crore (US$ 8.3 billion) worth of gross sales for brands and sellers, up 65% from Rs. 35,000 crore (US$ 5 billion) last year.

We have limited exclusive sellers onboard in each category so that we can focus on the quality, consistency and timely delivery of their products. We believe in giving personalised attention to our sellers and are in constant touch with them by providing training to update them about the latest trends and upgrades in the market.
We started out with Ae Naturals by marketing their Skin, Hair and Wellness products. Ae Naturals has reaped the benefits of e-commerce business and has made its presence felt in India and Internationally.
Now we have Crystal Glow and Health Tone who have listed their products under our umbrella on Anytime Shopping and have succeeded in a 10x increase in sales.

Anytime Shopping is a trusted platform for you to showcase your products. We will promote your products through continuous activities so that your products have continuous visibility and reach. We have not only re-defined the art of e-commerce marketing but also have been instrumental in fostering the growth of so many unknown companies which manufacture high-quality products. We have blossomed into a company that caters to small and medium companies and helps them grow. We have built a reputation for delivering quality products on time every time.

It is very economical to sell your products on Anytime Shopping. We are the link between you and your customer. Anytime Shopping is a platform you can consider establishing a partnership with, in terms of ease of doing business, reliability and integrity.

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